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Brothers Orchestrate Thousand Dollar Craigslist Scam But Don’t Think They Did Anything Wrong

Scam alert.

Craigslist, a cesspool for casual hookups and lightly used Ikea furniture, recently became the setting for a scam when two brothers from Pittsburgh took thousands of dollars from hundreds of people. Daniel and David Isabella are accused of duping 250 users by offering them discounted concert and sporting tickets, but never actually delivering on their promise. Read More

Craigslist Goodies

Thriving Cronut Black Market Emerges On Craigslist

A cronut-pushing cat. (Photo: Craigslist)

Cronuts are hot right now. So hot, in fact, that a couple of regular Paulie Walnuts are amassing the delicious pastries and selling them on Craigslist at up to five times the original price.

The croissant-donut hybrid is sparking Magnolia-Bakery-in-2002 levels of buzz, although most have never even lain lips on its flakey, sugary layers. Cronuts are found at Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo — but only for a few minutes after the opening at 5 a.m., after which point they’re sold out.

But thanks to some Craigslist schemers, the hungered masses throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and sometimes Staten Island can get their mitts on the half-breed pastries. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

There Is Already a Craigslist Missed Connection Post for a Citi Bike Rider

CitiBike hacked.

The much-ballyhooed Citi Bike sharing program launched yesterday and we already have our first romantic encounter!

A post on Craigslist’s men seeking men Missed Connections section described a scene ripe out of a terrible gay indie movie. The man in question said he spotted another dude looking somehow “adorable” with one of those gaudy blue bikes straddled between his legs. Sadly, the poster was late for a meeting in Hell’s Kitchen (of course) and couldn’t seal the deal before he sped away.

Either this is the least romantic thing that’s ever happened or the best native ad we’ve ever seen. Read More

Craigslist Goodies

Hot New Job Alert for Struggling English Majors: Writing Fake Yelp Reviews

Chili's always scores 5 stars. (Photo: Yelp)

There are plenty of struggling writers in the city looking for a few extra dollars, so someone has smartly devised a plan to use their skills and to game the very legitimate review system on Yelp. As discovered by Eater, a posting on Craigslist (in New York’s writing/editing jobs section, natch) is hiring people for $25 to write “well-written” reviews on the complaint outpost website for the restaurants suffering with poor scores. In addition to having the penmanship of Frank Bruni, interested writers are required to have 50 reviews in their profile. Read More

This Happened

World’s Biggest Douchebag Will Pay a ‘Pretty, Thin’ Woman to Favorite People on OKCupid for Him


If you’re a “successful entrepreneur” whose ego is wildly mismatched with his actual value to the human race, you probably just don’t have time to comb through online dating profiles with the hopes of landing Ms. Right. And since you’ve made your bread and butter in Bubble 2.0, why not farm out the trivialities of modern dating life to a willing Craigslist participant? Read More


Booting Up: Turns Out Craigslist Can’t Copyright Its Customers’ Listings


Things aren’t going so great over at the Silk Road. Where are nerds going to order their Molly now?! [Telegraph]

Now any old rando can shell out for promoted tweets. Please, please let’s not start using this to promote resumes. [Ad Week]

Craigslist can no longer spook startups like Padmapper with threats of prosecution for copyright infringement: A judge has ruled the company has no such ownership of its users’ listings. [Forbes]

“When he woke up, he found that Path had gone on a rogue mission early in the morning, texting and robocalling an unknown number of his contacts, including his grandparents.” [The Verge]

Apparently authors still bother getting pissed at bloggers. [Daily Dot]

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Craigslist Poster Wants to Help You Live Out Your ‘Girls’ Fantasies

(Photo: Girls Wikia)

If you’ve recently moved to New York City solely to live out your Girls-themed fantasies (hi!), your apartment hunt is now over. There’s a distressing post on Craigslist looking for one lucky person to pay $1,500 a month for a room in Williamsburg. It already comes furnished with a Hannah (who probably becomes more aggravating as your lease progresses), and a gay roommate “with a penchant for backhanded compliments.” Shut up. Read More

Craigslist Goodies

We Found Your First Big Bitcoin Purchase: A Mercedes Convertible (Minus One Door)

"Super clean interior." (Photo: Craigslist)

If those Bitcoins are burning a hole in your electronic wallet, it might be time to cash out. So, we found something that’s totally worth it: a used, slightly damaged, red Mercedes Benz convertible for sale on Craigslist that’s accepting Bitcoin as payment.

And with the record values Bitcoins are trading at, what a deal she is!  Despite the fact that the 2002 CLK430 is missing a large chunk on its left side (it has a “super clean interior,” though) it could be yours for just $3,500. Convert that to Bitcoin’s current value of $215 per coin, and this fixer-upper rings in at just 16 BTC. Read More

Craigslist Goodies

No, The San Diego Zoo Is Not Giving Away Free Monkeys on Craigslist

Not for sale. (Photo by Flickr)

Not even monkeys are safe from insufferable April Fool’s Day jokes. The San Diego Zoo found itself in the crosshairs of a ridiculous Craigslist hoax Monday when somebody named “Andrea,” who identified herself as the zoo’s chimpanzee trainer, offered to give away two baby monkeys for free.

Like most decent Craigslist deals, the free monkey giveaway turned out to be a fake. San Diego’s hard-hitting 10News team tried contacting the scammer (“Andrea” didn’t pick up her presumably banana-shaped phone) and the zoo confirmed that no, they don’t just give monkeys away on Craigslist. Read More