Craigslist Goodies

Would You Pay $475 For This Creepy Goat Skeleton in a Coffin?

This face will haunt our nightmares. (Craigslist)

We thought we’d already found some of the creepiest stuff Craigslist had to offer. We really did. But not even people selling their iPhones for sex or job listings for naked back scratchers can hold a candle to a “for sale” ad posted 12 days ago in Green Lane, PA.

Maybe because it’s almost Halloween, or maybe because some people are just really freaking weird, but whatever the case, a Craigslist user is selling a real goat skeleton in a coffin. Its condition is listed as “excellent.” It’s one of the most terrifying things we’ve ever seen. Read More

Craigslist Goodies

There’s a Craigslist Black Market for iPhone 6 Line Sitters

Professional line sitters already camped out outside the Apple Store's Fifth Avenue location. (Twitter: Dan Benton)

Craigslist might be home to a ton of creepy job listings, but it can also be a valuable resource for people who vehemently hate waiting in line for stuff.

Take 2013’s cronut craze, for instance. New Yorkers who didn’t have the requisite 7485 hours to wait in line outside Dominique Ansel’s bakery could turn to Craigslist’s cronut black market, wherein people were purchasing the coveted baked goods, and selling them online at up to five times the original price.

With Apple set to unveil big news tomorrow, another such black market has emerged on Craiglist: iPhone 6 line sitters. For the low, low price of hundreds — or thousands, in one case — of dollars, impatient consumers can pay people to wait in line and purchase the newest iPhone for them, when it eventually hits stores at an unknown future date. Read More

Craigslist Goodies

Skip These Summer Jobs: 15 Insanely Creepy Craigslist Ads

16 Photos

School’s almost out for summer! If you’re not one of the overachievers who’s been networking since November — or a rich kid who doesn’t know the meaning of “job” — you might be scrambling right now to find some summer employment.

If you’re in the latter category, there’s a good chance you’ve taken to perusing Craigslist. The site may have plenty of helpful job listings — but just remember that for every harmless “Dog Walker Needed” post, there are also at least seventeen listings demanding “Woman with Orgasmic Feet Needed For Sexy Photoshoot.” Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Out-of-Work Federal Employees Get to Have All the Fun (Well, All the Vibrators and Sugar Daddies)

Oh all right. (Photo:

Congress may have turned off the federal government, but it appears its jilted employees are more turned on than ever–and they’re finding satisfaction online in various ways.

First, the Internet caught wind of a series of Craigslist personal ads in which people purporting to be federal staffers sought consummation, sometimes for cash. Even some private-sector employees heroically put their pudenda on the line. Read More


Anonymous Reportedly Now Trolling Scientology Via Craigslist

anonymous pirates

The Church of Scientology has allegedly been using Craigslist to hook new members–likely with promises of spiritual cleansing and house calls from Kirstie Alley–and hacker collective Anonymous is fighting back with counter-ads.

A tipster told Business Insider that Scientology’s ads “are constantly violating terms of use with ridiculous amounts of postings in a number of cities across the United States and Canada,” with more than 100 ads being posted daily in New York City and San Francisco. Read More

Teen Beat

Teens Now Using Internet to Hitch Rides with Strangers

Besties. (Photo: Getty)

This one is dedicated to all the olds who insist millennials are risk-averse: spotty youths are now using Twitter to solicit rides from strangers and acquaintances alike.

They do it to get to school, pool parties, and more. That’s right, your kid might be hopping into a car with a stranger in his or her swim trunks right this minute. From WNYC’s apparent Bay Area Teen correspondent Bianca Brooks: Read More