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Craig Brittain, Owner of Revenge Porn Hub Is Anybody Down, Says He’s Shutting Down the Site

Mr. Brittain (Photo: CBS Denver)

Update: Even As He Promises to Close ‘Is Anybody Down,’ Craig Brittain Covertly Plans a New Revenge Porn Site

This afternoon Craig Brittain, the proprietor of revenge porn platform Is Anybody Down, announced on his Twitter feed that the site will be shutting down. In a series of tweets, Mr. Brittain wrote that the site, which allows scorned lovers to upload intimate photos of their exes without consent, will shut down entirely within 24 hours. “The website, Is Anybody Down, will completely end,” he tweeted.

Mr. Brittain said he would provide more information soon and that the site is not being shuttered because of outside pressures, but instead because he “made a personal decision to end Is Anybody Down.” Read More