We Know One of the Spring TechStarsNY Companies Already and We Got an Interview

The only picture of Craig Danuloff.

The latest crop of TechStars companies are just now filtering into New York, and the full list of companies won’t be public for a week. Normally, during this moving-in period, TechStars startups are as quiet as mice. We’re not quite sure why; perhaps they’re cowed by the big city, worried about stepping on the toes of their new mentors, or self-conscious about the fact that they may barely have a product. For whatever reason, they don’t usually take our calls.

But not Craig Danuloff, a dot-com veteran who sold one of the first e-commerce platforms, iCat, to Intel in ’98 (and wow, here’s the CNET post), who was more than happy to get the press. No, it’s not because his startup Rewind is raising money, although they’re “having discussions” about that, he said. It’s just that the product is pretty far along and he thought it was time to start talking about it, he told Betabeat.

“What we’re trying to do is put the first version of the app out early as close to the start of [TechStars] as possible,” he said, in order to have a live product to play with as the session progresses.┬áThe formerly Philly-based entrepreneur spoke to Betabeat by iPhone (AT&T, drop count: 1) as he headed home from signing a lease in Manhattan. Read More