Booting Up: That Pesky Business Model Edition

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Is Snapchat representative of a new wave of apps that tout privacy as the defining feature? Fred Wilson thinks so. [A VC]

Google’s obsessive drive to quickly index and display as much info as possible on search results pages could diminish Wikipedia’s traffic. [Optimize and Prophesize]

Coursera and other startups offering online classes could totally be the future of education…if only they figured out a stable business model. [New York Times]

Marissa Mayer made a Yahoo employee dance to “Gangnam Style” as cruel punishment for not participating in the employee feedback survey. [AllThingsD]

Is Reddit raising a new round at a $400 million valuation? [TechCrunch]


Booting Up: No More News via iOS From

Morning, sunshine! (Photo:’s iOS apps are no more. The team is pulling the plug to focus on Digg, thanks to onerous new requirements from Twitter and the fact the service is increasingly a competitor. Existing users will still get support (for now) and the email service is unaffected. [TheNextWeb]

This start-to-finish accounting of Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination lawsuit against VC firm Kleiner Perkins–along with the details of her husband’s financial difficulties–is riveting and a handy primer for anyone who wants to get up to speed on the case. [Fortune]

“The days when people could be very influential in the blogosphere aren’t here anymore.” Netroots ain’t what it used to be. [The Daily Beast]

As companies like Airbnb, Coursera and Uber begin shaking up traditional industries, they’re being met with regulatory pushback. Good luck with that, traditional industries. [GigaOm]

In the end, Facebook paid a mere $715 million in cash and stock for Instagram. It’s less than a billion due to–you guessed it–the drop in the value of the social network’s stock.  [TheNextWeb]