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Woman Gets Plastic Surgery to Make Her Hand Look Better in Engagement Selfies

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It’s tough to tell what’s weirder — that a woman got plastic surgery to make her hand look better in pictures, or that she admitted to it and allowed ABC News to use her real name.

Either way, here’s the story: Christa Hendershot got engaged and decided her hand was too unsightly to befit an engagement ring selfie, ABC News says. The Mount Sinai, New York, resident “turned to plastic surgery, hoping it would smooth out her hands in order for them to become more ‘selfie worthy.'” Read More

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Facebook, Skype Give Cosmetic Surgery Industry a Lift

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One day in 2008, while using the popular videochat service Skype, Tina Consorti had an uncomfortable realization. She didn’t like how she looked on the little web screen. Her chin was sagging a bit, and shadowy wrinkles were forming like rings on a tree stump around her neck. It actually wasn’t so bad in the mirror—she checked—but on Skype and other social media services, the flaws seemed amplified.

“I felt like I had a double chin,” Ms. Consorti told Betabeat. “Going on Skype or FaceTime you definitely see it—it looks twice as big as it normally is. I just wanted a nice clean look when I’m conversing with someone on Skype.”

Three years ago, when she began getting into online services (Tango is another favorite), Ms. Consorti had a “Lifestyle Lift,” a minimally invasive facelift that is performed using local anesthesia. The procedure was carried out by Dr. Adam Schaffner, a renowned New York plastic surgeon with a burst of curls atop his head, who injects lips, neatens noses and chisels chins for a living. Over the last year, he told Betabeat, his practice has seen a big uptick in facial surgeries, due in large part to the ubiquitous nature of digital photos posted to Facebook and similar sites. Read More