Law and Order

ICE Launches Project Cyber Monday 3, Knocking Sellers of Counterfeit Goods Offline

Website seized! (ICE)

Anyone searching for cheap, counterfeit sports memorabilia, media, clothing and jewelry today may be disappointed. In conjunction with other law enforcement agencies around the world, U.S. authorities have taken down 132 domain namesĀ as part of their Project Cyber Monday. This marks the third year for the project, which goes after sitesĀ identified as sources for fake, illegal goods.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a statement about the take-downs, which noted authorities targeted sites meant to fool unwitting consumers “into unknowingly buying counterfeit goods as part of the holiday shopping season.” Read More

Taking a Tumble

Perfect 10 Sues Tumblr For Copyright Infringement Over Nude Photos

Perfect 10 via Wikimedia

Perfect 10, the company behind a nudie magazine and website celebrating the standout examples of the unenhanced female form, has filed a lawsuit against Tumblr for copyright violations. In a complaint filed in the Southern District of New York on Friday, Perfect 10 alleges that Tumblr failed to respond to repeated requests for takedowns and–perhaps, more damningly–that “Tumblr employees have posted infringing content to Tumblr’s servers to help start the business.”

The case could have wide-ranging implications as Pinterest, Tumblr’s consumer-oriented micro-blogging cousin, braces for similar complaints as photo-sharing apps and websites proliferate. Read More