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Getty Liberates Millions of Images Because You Guys Are Gonna Keep Stealing Them Anyway

We used our subscription to get this one — we couldn't get our text to wrap around the embedded image. (Getty)

In high school, our health teachers always said stuff like, “We know we can’t stop you from drinking, so here’s how to do it safely and not die.” 

Getty Images has just implemented a similar strategy, in a way; they knew people were going to find ways to use their images without paying, so they’ve just made it possible for anyone to use a bunch of their images for free — and without committing copyright infringement. Read More

When Copyright's Wrong

This 92-Year-Old WWII Vet is Hollywood’s Most Reviled Bootlegger

This 92-Year-Old WWII Vet is Hollywood's Most Reviled Bootlegger

When we think of bootleggers, most of us conjure images of shadowy Megaupload fanatics, or the shady characters lining Canal Street with their suitcases full of misspelled DVDs. Probably the absolute last person to come to mind would be a 92-year-old Jewish WWII vet from Long Island, but that’s what makes this story in today’s New York Times so spectacular.

For the last handful of years, Hyman Strachman has been bootlegging popular Hollywood films and sending them off free of charge to American troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the troops interviewed for the story, Mr. Strachman, known lovingly as “Big Hy,” has become somewhat of a folk hero to the thousands of soldiers who see the films he sends as a necessary link to back home. Read More