Kickstart It

This ‘Butter Crayon’ Could Be the Greatest Invention of Our Time

The adorable Chouinard family. (Kickstarter)

We know, we know—calling something the greatest invention of our time is an awfully bold statement. But save your judgment until we’ve told you about our latest Kickstarter obsession: the Butter Crayon.

While other people have been busy disrupting important things like mail, therapy and STD testing, one California family is on the brink of disrupting—you guessed it—butter.   Read More

Chefs React

Smart Appliances Are a Tough Sell for NYC’s Fanciest Chefs

Cooking up a storm (Photo via Wikimedia).

Smart devices keep things exact, check up on humans and, in many ways, eradicate human error all together. So how does technology come into play in one of the few places where #tech sits on the back burner to creativity, tradition and deliciousness?

Upon realizing that many of us still cook like it’s 1995, Betabeat began wondering about the current and future use of technology in the kitchen, and more specifically, what professional chefs who have devoted their lives to the delectable art think of it all.

To find out, we talked to famed NYC chefs, some of whom have extensive experience with smart kitchen devices and others who choose to stay away. If we can conclude anything about the professional chef popular opinion on kitchen tech, it’s that there isn’t one. Read More