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David and Goliath: nRelate and Outbrain, A Tale of Two Content Recommendation Engines

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After a post about Outbrain’s recent $35 million fund raise, Betabeat got an email from nRelate, a competing content recommendation engine also based in New York.

“Did you know has more publishers than Outbrain and nRelate is accomplishing more with less than 1 percent of Outbrain’s funding. Both companies also report the same CTR (click through rate) of 5.7 percent,” Marc Macias, nRelate’s communications guy, said in an email.

Them’s fighting words! And there was more. “Here is the best part. nRelate’s plug-in is free and allows all publishers— regardless of size—to syndicate their material over the web.” Read More

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OutBrain’s Yaron Galai: The World is Brainwashed by Relevancy

Yaron Galai - Image via Israeli Business Forum of NY

Israeli born ad-tech veteran Yaron Galai is currently at work on his fourth company, Outbrain, which serves up more than 3.5 billion pageviews a month to publishers like CNN, Fox and The Atlantic. “My two previous companies worked by interruption, which I hated. We were trying to get you to click away from a story on the kind of ad that personally, I ignore.”

Outbrain works to send “engaged” readers to publishers, meaning visitors they believe will actually enjoy the story they land on, then be likely to click through to other articles and visit the site again in the future. “The world is brainwashed by relevancy,” Mr. Galai said, chatting with Betabeat at our Midtown offices. “If you’re reading an article about Steve Jobs, and we send you to another article about Steve Jobs, or about the iPhone, yes that is “relevant”, but it’s probably not that interesting.” Read More