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Carl Icahn Runs a Content Business, Not a Fund

Carl Icahn. (Getty)

Notorious fund manager Carl Icahn has declared war against tech’s Marc Andreessen over his role as a director on eBay’s board during the sale of Skype. This, in and of itself, isn’t that interesting. Value creators (executive management, venture capitalists) are always fending off incursion from value extractors (hedge funds, financiers). Read More

Antisocial Media

CEO Makes Employee Record His Every Move Due to Insatiable Thirst for Content

Even this avi counts as content. (Photo: Twitter)

“Oh my god, I should totally have my own reality show.” It’s something bland people have been saying since the dawn of Bravo, but few have acted on it. Lucky for them, one trail-blazing social media CEO is bravely chronicling his existence in a deluded quest for content.

Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia has repurposed a perfectly innocent employee to “shadow my life,” he told Forbes. The employee will follow him around all day and record his every statement and move, like a lesser Beyoncé assistant. He thinks this is a trend that will catch on like wildfire within the year. Read More