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New Consumer Reports Study Says Facebook Users are Cranking Up Their Privacy Settings, Finally [UPDATED]

Hang in there just like that kitten on the poster, Mr. Zuckerberg. (

Remember the halcyon days of Facebook, when no one was concerned with who might peep their drunken pictures and angsty missives, and discussions of privacy settings were met with a mix of dismissiveness and apathy? Those days are quickly becoming a thing of the past, at least according to a new study from Consumer Reports, that states that more than a quarter of Facebook users lie on their profiles to protect their privacy.

Writes the New York Times, “About a fourth of respondents said they lied: They chose to ‘alter personally identifiable information’ such as their dates of birth…A majority of those who were asked what steps they took to protect their privacy said they tweaked their privacy settings to control who can access their profile page.”

But not to worry, apparently one in four users still have publicly available Walls and photos, which means your days of stalking defriended exes probably aren’t over just yet. Read More