Booting Up: Yahoo and Foursquare Might Hook Up and Swap Data

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Yahoo is reportedly in talks with Foursquare for a “data partnership.” Sorry it’s not an acquisition rumor, you guys. [BuzzFeed]

Speaking of Yahoo, the company garnered 196.6 million page views in July, beating Google by four million. Comscore rankings show it as the number-one website in America. [AllThingsD]

Last week, IT expert Khalil Shreateh exposed a major flaw on Facebook and posted it on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall. Since that violated the company’s terms of service, he was denied a $500 reward. The Internet did one better by crowdfunding him a $11,000 bounty. [The Verge]

Apple has lured a senior V.P. from Levi’s to lead its retail stores. [9to5Mac]

Reddit hates a lot of companies so here’s a list of them. [Daily Dot]

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SeatGeek Partners With Yahoo, Eclipses Better Funded Competition

Image via BusinessWeek

According to the most recent report from Comscore, ticketing is now the most popular category of website in the United States, ahead of fashion, toys and consumer goods. And New York is home to one of the fastest growing ticket sites, SeatGeek, which this week announced a major partnership with Yahoo Sports.

Yahoo is the second largest internet destination, ranking only behind Google in terms of traffic to its network of sites. So how did a small, two year old start-up score prime position on one of the web’s biggest networks in the web’s largest and fastest growing market? Read More