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Bike Sharing Service Spinlister Launching in New York April 1st

Mr. Dennis with his beloved bike, The Blue Lady Killer. (

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to go to Paris, you may have noticed that many of the effortlessly posh locals get around town on matching bikes. It’s not some hip bike brand they’re advertising, it’s actually Vélib’, Paris’s public bike sharing program launched by Mayor Bertrand Delanoë in 2007.

Spinlister, a startup founded by New York entrepreneur Will Dennis, takes that idea and turns it on its head. Instead of a large-scale public bike rental system, why not a peer-to-peer bike rental marketplace? Read More

What's Mine Is Yours

Nine Startups Tried to Teach Brooklyn Bowl How to Share Last Night

Sharon Schneider, founder of Good Karma with Common cofounder Alex Bogusky and a big ol' bag of cash.

Brooklyn Bowl, the hippest bowling alley east of the East River, was invaded—not by bushy beards and skinny jeans—but by New York techies vying for the approval and adoration of a brutally scrutinizing panel at last night’s Common Pitch, an uncommon sort of pitch competition for startups with a collaborate consumption bent.

Nine startups, narrowed down from an initial pool of about 70, pitched the panel—including a two time Grammy winner, Foodspotting cofounder and Fast Company editor—for a shot at $3,000 (in singles), expert advice from strategist Daniel Karpantschof and other prizes. Each startup had five minutes to make their pitch. If they went over, cofounder Alex Bogusky would throw a yellow penalty flag (read terry-cloth dish towel) to let them know they had 30 seconds to wrap it up. Panelists would then react and tell the presenters what they liked—or didn’t.

Onto the pitches! Read More