Slim Shady

Eminem Publisher Sues Facebook for Allegedly Using One of His Songs in Facebook Home Ad


Mark Zuckerberg and co. have been acting a little slim shady (heh) recently, at least according to the keeper of rapper Eminem’s extensive musical catalog. The Detroit Free Press reports that Eight Mile Style, the publisher of Eminem’s songs, is suing Facebook and its ad agency for using a song that sounds suspiciously like the artist’s 2000 jam “Under the Influence” in an ad that streamed during Zuck’s announcement of Facebook Home on April 4th. Read More

Patently Absurd

Creepy New Verizon Patent Would Let Set-Top Box Serve Condom Ads When It Hears You Having Sex

Soon, he'll be able to hear YOU. (Photo: Fonesea)

When last we checked in on creepy technologies that wholly encroach on your sense of personal privacy, Microsoft had registered a patent that would allow the Kinect to detect how many people are in a room and stop playback on a movie if it sensed more people than the copyright allowed. But a new patent filed by Verizon takes that concept a step further by allowing a set-top box to observe what’s going on in your house and serve you ads based on what it hears. Read More

Brony Beat

Pony Up: First Ever Brony Commercial Airs Tonight During Primetime

(Screencap: YouTube)

Tonight is a big night for television. Not only is it the series premiere of Bravo’s much-anticipated Start-Ups: Silicon Valleybut the internet’s favorite fandom is finally getting its own primetime TV commercial. Giddy-up!

The Daily Dot reports that The Brony Thank You Fund, a nonprofit that encourages fans of My Little Pony to demonstrate their gratitude to the show through charitable giving, has filmed its first 30-second TV spot. The commercial features bronies of all ages–some in military uniform!–stating why they’re thankful for the show. At the end, viewers are urged to give toys to Toys for Tots this holiday season. The commercial is set to debut during primetime on the Hub TV network. Read More

Cell your Soul

Nokia’s Q1 Earnings Are In: Apparently the Beta Test Isn’t Over After All


Nokia may have scored a couple points on the hip chart with their commercials featuring 30 Rock’s Chris Parnell, but even Dr. Spaceman couldn’t save the company from continuing to be pigeonholed as that cheap brand for throwaway phones you buy during study abroad. Nokia’s Q1 earnings reports are in, and while the Lumia nabbed some pretty impressive reviews, its actual sales numbers have been a little less than impressive. Read More