New Drone City

Since Nothing Good Could Come From This, Colorado Might Ban Hunters from Using Drones

This was probably the type of drone. (Photo: File)

Already foretelling the problems this could cause, Colorado is considering banning hunters from using drones to help them spot deer and other game.

Under federal and state regulations, it’s illegal to use airplanes in spotting animals, but Colorado is worried that hunters will bend the rules by using unmanned robots to locate wildlife. People have to wait 48 hours to hunt after a flyover is conducted because of “fair chase” regulations. Read More

Crime and Punishment

James Holmes’s Online Dating Profiles Will Be Used as Evidence in Colorado Theater Shooting Trial

James Holmes, left, and his defense attorney, Daniel King, in June. (Photo: Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty)

The trial of James Holmes, the suspect accused of going on a shooting rampage in a Colorado movie theater, is in its beginning stages–and the suspect’s online dating activity may figure prominently into the prosecution’s case.

Mr. Holmes returns to court today for two weeks of hearings focused on evidence prosecutors may use against him, the New York Post reports. Read More


Colorado Town Might Allow Citizens to Shoot Down Drones

A drone these people think that's flying over them. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Citizens in a small Colorado town have come up with a completely sane response to the impending drone wars: If you see something, shoot something.

Phillip Steel, a member of the Deer Trail town board, is proposing an ordinance that would hand out “drone hunting licenses” for those petrified of the unmanned flying vehicles taking out their lives that would allow holders to shoot the drones down. The year-long license would cost would-be drone hunters $25. And, as he told KMGH-TV, he’s already got a slogan for it — “They fly in town, they get shot down.” Read More