Email Pitches We Didn't Delete

Coolish Art-Up Sends Betabeat an Email


Haven’t used this app, but it sounds rad–New York-based Collectrium maybe has a bit of an inferiority complex with all the press about, Artsicle and other art-ups (COINING THIS –ed.), but a rep sent us a cogent pitch: It’s image recognition and QR codes for art, so you can snap a photo of a piece for later reference.

It’ll depend on execution and the comprehensiveness of the database, and I don’t know about this line: “Collectrium empowers the ‘inner curator’ in all of us,” but I’m down to replace my strategy of writing down artist names in a Moleskine and never consulting them again with a running catalog that might actually help me attain minimal fluency in art stuff and maybe lead to some cool posters on a wall. There are also easy revenue streams so it could potentially still be around in a year. Read More