The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Web Video OMG, Kickstarter Makes a Kickstarter, and Nodejitsu Doesn’t Need You but More Than 100 Start-Ups Do


The start-up week starts Wednesday:

VIDEO LAUNCH. General Assembly-based, launched by Vimeo alum Casey Pugh and Know Your Memester Jamie Wilkinson about a month and a half ago, is in public beta as of yesterday. The app, which creates a curated stream of video based on links your friends share on Twitter, Tumblr and the rest, has a better looking interface than TechStars-hatched competitor and more channels , verticals, or filters, whatever you want to call them–but unlike Shelby, doesn’t put emphasis on who exactly shared what. “Coming soon: mixtape-style playlists, an API for developers, and iPhone, iPad and Boxee apps,” the company teased.

Meanwhile, Blip.TV and YouTube are ramping up efforts to suck users into web television with the same enthusiasm previous generations had for television-television. Read More

Not a Hackathon

Hacker Training Camp Collabracode Filling Up Fast


CollabraCode is still looking for a space to host the six-week program, although founder and self-described lapsed coder Sanford Dickert has four options working. CollabraCode, announced last week at the New York Tech Meetup, is a program inspired more by pair programming than by hackathons, with the goal of bolstering the developer community in New York. “Instead of a 36 hour marathon or a once-a-week course, collabraCode(); is designed to give you a regular workout over the course of six weeks – focusing on delivery of projects that can be used to hone your skills and improve your project portfolio,” the website says. Read More


New Dawn: What You Missed at New York Tech Meetup

nytm april 2011

Wednesday night’s New York Tech Meetup came in three minutes under the two hour limit, which was amazing considering there were 11 demos, a hack of the month, several announcements and a speech by new managing director Jessica Lawrence on the agenda, interspersed with midi-rendered Weezer songs that the 800 or so audience members mumbled along to under their breaths in the red seats of NYU’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.  Read More