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This App Schedules Your Coffee Dates Without Dozens of Awkward One-Line Emails

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Scheduling a coffee date can be a logistical nightmare, a whirling dance of quick back-and-forth emails: “Where should we go?”; “What neighborhood are you in?”; “Do you have a favorite spot?”; “You pick the place, I’ll be there!”; “What time is best for you?”; and finally the sociopathic, “I’m up for anything!”

Up For Coffee is an app that wants to streamline the whole process so that you can skip the chatter and save time for more important daily hassles. It was created by founder Brian Mitchell, who bootstrapped the production costs to build the app as a side-project. Read More


Startup Will Give You ‘More And Better Coffee’ in Exchange For Starbucks Gift Card

A Tonx billboard in San Francisco. (Photo: Tonx)

Ah, Starbucks. We keep going back, but we all love to complain about it, from the lines to the shoddy coffee quality.

A new startup has taken notice and is leveraging your disappointment into its bottom line. Tonx is offering coffee subscriptions in exchange for Starbucks gift cards, which they say will result in you getting “more and better coffee,” a release from the company explains. Read More

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Tweaking Scientists Invent FDA-Proof ‘Caffeine-Related Ingredient’

Peace out, coffee, there's a new sheriff in town.

In an effort to circumvent the pesky FDA, a company called ChromaDex is hard at work on a “caffeine-related ingredient” that will provide a buzz that’s spread over a longer period of time than the one you get from normal caffeine.

The FDA has been cracking down on all of the ridiculously caffeinated products on offer recently, Fast Co. Exist reports, and ChromaDex’s Purenergy would “offer the same energy boost as traditional caffeine in significantly lower quantities, circumventing any future FDA caffeine limits for products.” Read More