Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

At the Command of the State Department, Defense Distributed Pulls Its 3D Printed Gun Blueprints

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Defense Distributed, the Texas-based nonprofit that wants to empower people to 3D print their own guns, has hit a bit of a legal snag. According to founder Cody Wilson, DEFCAD,┬áthe open source weapon-printing project powered by Defense Distributed, received a letter (embedded below) from the State Department’s Office of Defense Trade Compliance, telling him to remove the blueprints of the Liberator, his 3D printed gun, from the web so that they may be reviewed by the department. Read More

Guns Don't Kill People 3D Does

Defense Distributed Dudes Celebrate Their 3D-Printed Death Machine With Ridiculous Video

I swear. (Photo: screencap)

Last week, Defense Distributed announced the development of the world’s first fully 3D-printed gun. You can now download the CAD files and, theoretically, print your own.

Now, the Daily Dot reports, the libertarian upstarts have released a video to mark this historic occasion. And it pretty much confirms what we’ve suspected all along:┬áThese guys have watched too goddamn many science fiction movies. Read More


Wiki Weapon Project Continues to Raise Money for 3D Printed Guns via PayPal and Bitcoin


A couple of weeks ago we told you about the Wiki Weapon Project, the brainchild of a group called Defense Distributed that was initially raising money on Indiegogo to develop open source blueprints for a 3D-printable gun. Indiegogo suspended the campaign and refunded all the backers, but never gave an explicit reason for doing so.

“I put in the basic appeal with Indiegogo once they sent me the email that all of our funds were being refunded to contributors,” Cody Wilson, a student at the University of Texas School of Law and cofounder of Defense Distributed, told Betabeat by email. “I got a thank you and a help ticket, but no word back. Basically TOS violation is the reason I think they’re sticking with.” Read More