Sorry, But the Lesson of Instagram Is Not: Teach Yourself to Code and You, Too, Can Get $400 M.


The impulse to draw inspiration and meaning from a face-melting deal like Facebook’s $1 billion bid for Instagram is only human. Otherwise, you’re out at sea, drowning in headlines about how a 28-year-old made $400 million yesterday, a two-year-old photo app is worth more than The New York Times, and how investors doubled their money overnight.

Everything you know about the creation of wealth torn asunder–all thanks to a service you helped promote. The impulsive backlash was enough to compel Courtney Boyd Meyers to remind everyone that for-profit companies are not your friends.

Thus, it comes as little surprise that the stickiest story about Instagram this morning, judging by our Twitter feed, is a post on The Next Web about how CEO Kevin Systrom was once a lowly marketer who taught himself to code at night. Read More

Talent Crunch

Even More Pressure to Find That Rockstar Engineer: VCs Might Not Fund You Without a Full Team

Those crazy hackers.

As if you weren’t already scrounging meetups for every killer coder or future CTO, Dow Jones has some bad news to report. According to VentureWire, several VCs and angel investors say that failure to show up at a pitch meeting without tech talent on your roster could hurt your odds of raising funds. “These investors argue that hiring the best people requires connections, and that founders who don’t have those connections will find that money is of limited use,” says the article. Read More