New School Learning

HappyFunCorp Is Starting Its Own Coding School

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.42.52 AM

You may not recognize the name, but HappyFunCorp is one of the top product engineering firms in New York, and has laid down code for a corporate A-list that includes AOL, Bloomberg, AmEx and LinkedIn. With his competition consolidating and a booming economy for new apps, HappyFunCorp cofounder Ben Schippers is in a position to place plenty of young engineers in lucrative tech jobs.

The trouble is, he can’t hire anyone. You’d think the glut of NYC coding schools like General Assembly, Flatiron and App Academy would be cranking out capable product engineers, but Mr. Schippers says those school don’t prepare students to survive in the startup world. Read More

General Assembly

General Assembly Partners With Tumblr to Teach the Cool Kids to Code

The lessons are incredibly self-explanatory — enough handholding for just about anyone to make it through. (Screengrab via Dash)

Remember back in the day, when you had to jerry-rig your Myspace layout with sloppy HTML in order to stand out from the crowd? Kids these days have it so much easier.

As of this morning, General Assembly (GA) is partnering with Tumblr to offer free lessons in how to build Tumblr themes. Tumblr has always offered its mostly-young userbase themes to customize their layouts, but now Tumblr users can to dig into the actual code that drives those layouts. Read More

Internet Week

Betabeat’s Official Guide to the Must-See Events at Internet Week 2012


Unless you’ve gone off the grid, you probably already know that Internet Week 2012 launches on Monday. But with a dizzying number of events to attend, it’s hard to figure out which ones are worth the time, effort and subway fare. Betabeat guest blogger Gary Sharma, something of an events truffle hound, already penned his personal list of recommendations. But consider this Betabeat’s official to-do list: blogger tested, Betabeat approved. Read More

New Education for the New Economy

Q&A With Code Academy: The Web Needs Architects and It Needs Construction Workers

Time to level up, young coder

Code Academy co-founders, Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski are the quintessential startup duo. They met at Columbia, where Mr. Sims was studying political science and Mr. Bubinski was studying computer science. They worked on several projects together. Mr. Sims was the biz dev and product guy, Mr. Bubinski the coder.

“I kind of grew to hate it,” said Mr. Sims. “I wanted to be able to get my hands dirty and help build the ideas we were working on.”  Read More

Teach Tech Teach

Codecademy Lands $2.5 M., Plans Headquarters In New York

Codecademy, which just launched this summer, is an addictive website that teaches users how to code for free. The startup announced today that it had raised $2.5 million from a slew of top notch investors including Union Square Ventures, SV Angel, CrunchFund, Yuri Milner, Founder Collective and O’Reilly Ventures. The company told the New York Times that it hopes to establish its headquarters here in New York. Read More