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Researchers Say the Cloud Could Aid in Large-Scale Cyber Attacks

Not all clouds are security threats. (flickr.com/kky)

Researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of Oregon have discovered a way to turn cloud computing into hacker heaven.

Disguising data transfers with URL-truncating services like TinyURL or Bit.ly, researchers found that cloud-based processing power intended to shift computing tasks from laptops, tablets and mobile devices could be converted to crack encoded passwords or used for a large scale denial-of-service attack. Read More

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Finishing a Record Year, AppSense Eyes a Move Beyond the Enterprise

There is an iPad buried in here somewhere

The last five months were supposed to be a period of investment for New York based AppSense, which raised a whopping $70 million from Goldman Sachs in June. “We thought with all the hiring and outlay, our financials would take a breather, but that wasn’t the case,” said Peter Rawlinson, the company’s VP of Marketing. Despite growing the staff by 60% over the last year, the company saw its business jump 54% as well, to $71 million.

The company provides virtualization services that establishes a unique user log-in for different devices. So a staffer who works on a PC at the office can sign into their PC at home and  see the same applications, documents and level of corporate security. That same virtual desktop can travel with them on a Windows laptop and be accessed from any terminal around the world connected to the company’s network. Read More