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‘Silicon Valley’ Fact Check: The Cloud Will Chew Your Business Up, Spit It Out

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When Pied Piper needs a cloud architect, they fall down at the feet of “The Carver,” a bratty boy-king programmer. They’re so thirsty for cloud infrastructure, they take him at his word that he’s worth the 20 grand they shell out over two days for his services.

Of course, they later find out he’s an Adderall-addicted fraud after he scrambles Pied Piper’s DDL. It turns out he’s not such a cloud savant after all. Judging by HBO’s portrayal, cloud software is a mystical practice beyond the programming prowess of even the Bay Area’s finest. Read More

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Researchers Say the Cloud Could Aid in Large-Scale Cyber Attacks

Not all clouds are security threats. (

Researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of Oregon have discovered a way to turn cloud computing into hacker heaven.

Disguising data transfers with URL-truncating services like TinyURL or, researchers found that cloud-based processing power intended to shift computing tasks from laptops, tablets and mobile devices could be converted to crack encoded passwords or used for a large scale denial-of-service attack. Read More

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Finishing a Record Year, AppSense Eyes a Move Beyond the Enterprise

This could be you, miners!

The last five months were supposed to be a period of investment for New York based AppSense, which raised a whopping $70 million from Goldman Sachs in June. “We thought with all the hiring and outlay, our financials would take a breather, but that wasn’t the case,” said Peter Rawlinson, the company’s VP of Marketing. Despite growing the staff by 60% over the last year, the company saw its business jump 54% as well, to $71 million.

The company provides virtualization services that establishes a unique user log-in for different devices. So a staffer who works on a PC at the office can sign into their PC at home and  see the same applications, documents and level of corporate security. That same virtual desktop can travel with them on a Windows laptop and be accessed from any terminal around the world connected to the company’s network. Read More