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Can Clothes Horse’s Secret Algorithm Help You Buy Clothes That Actually Fit?


Last April, Stephanie Clifford’s New York Times story, “One Size Fits Nobody,” went viral. (Or at least as viral as a non-Linsane animal-based memes can possibly go.) That’s probably because Ms. Clifford’s confession–that she varies anywhere from a size 4 to size 8 without gaining a pound–is a near-universal dilemma. Clothes Horse, a New York-based startup that launched publicly today, thinks it can solve that.

Brands like Bonobos, one of Clothes Horse’s beta test cases, use the startup’s software to embed a widget on their e-commerce site. After 30-seconds of questions like “What brand’s shirt fits you best?” or “Is it tight around the chest?” the widget spits out information on how that retailer’s items are likely to fit.

To do that, Clothes Horse uses an algorithm that combines a database of human measurements, sizing specifics from about 50 brands, and some kind of “secret sauce,” which cofounder Vik Venkatraman declined to describe. Read More