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‘Cloth’ Lets Your Friends Choose Your Outfit From Afar

You can be just like this cool gal, cataloguing her outfits. (Cloth)

After a successful period of beta testing, Cloth — the iPhone app that lets you help your BFFAEAE decide on the totes perfect brunch outfit — officially launched to the public this morning.

Founded last year by Seth Porges, Wray Serna and Bradford Stephens, Cloth was inspired by people’s tendency to ask their friends for outfit advice when they’re getting ready to go somewhere. It aims to replicate every facet of the ~getting ready~ experience all within a single app. Read More

App for That

Cloth, App Bootstrapped on Airbnb, Will Tell You What to Wear on This Sweltering Day

A screen cap of the new Cloth with photo filters.

It’s going to be 96 degrees today in New York City, as you must know by now (if not because you checked the weather, then because everyone on Twitter has been grousing about it). However, not every day’s weather comes with a warning sign.

“I have AC in my house so it could be 100 degrees outside and I have no idea,” Seth Porges, a journalist turned Airbnb host turned app maker, told Betabeat. That’s why his fashion app, Cloth, just introduced a feature that suggests an outfit based on the weather. “You just press a button and boom, see what the weather is outside.” Read More