SciFi Scribe Neal Stephenson Launches a Videogame Kickstarter: Swordplay, Ur Doing It Wrong

Mr. Stephenson, Neal Stephenson. (Photo: Kickstarter)

Over the weekend, best-selling scifi writer Neal Stephenson launched his own Kickstarter called CLANG. They say every great business idea solves a problem. In this case, it’s unrealistic swordplay in video games–an issue, we imagine, that’s close to the heart of a whole legion of LARPers.

The project, which is being run by Mr. Stephenson’s media franchise company Subutai, quickly raised $160,000 towards its goal of $500,000. The early hype comes courtesy Mr. Stephenson’s popularity (some of his early editions sell for “precious-metal asking prices“) and the project’s amusing video, featuring the writer in formal robes yelling at gamers for their unworthy consoles. There’s also a cameo from the meme-tastic Gabe Newell, the outspoken founder of the video game corporation Valve. Read More