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Startup Rundown: Frankly Is the Snapchat of Texting, and Farmers Are Using the Internet

Real snazzy. (Shapeways)

Bling out your Citibike Today in things you didn’t know you needed, Tomorrow Lab has partnered with Shapeways to create a gold, 3D-printed Citibike key. In case you’re not an avid Citibike user, “keys” are what Citibike’s annual members use to release the bikes from their holding contraptions. The new 3D-printed key, which is still in prototype phase, is printed in “gold steel,” and is meant to be worn on a string around the neck like the geekiest, chunkiest jewelry of all time. This might be proof that just because you can 3D-print it, doesn’t mean you should. Read More

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A Thousand CitiBike Members Had Their Personal Info Exposed and Nobody Told Them For Three Months

Not an annual member. (Photo: CitiBike/Facebook)

More than 1,000 esteemed CitiBike members had their personal data, including credit card number and addresses, exposed due to a security breach. Gothamist obtained a letter issued to a biker named Cody from the program’s owner NYC Bike Share LLC, which operates under the bank’s name, that several users’ information was exposed because of an URL error. Read More