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Got Questions? Thanks to YEC’s #StartupLab, You Can Ask an Entrepreneur

Note the whiteboard. (Photo: YEC)

It’s awfully hard to learn entrepreneurship out of a book, or even out of Hacker News comment threads. Sometimes, you just need to pin down someone who’s been there for an answer. But not every newbie has access to a high-powered mentor. That’s where the Young Entrepreneur Council wants to help, with its #StartupLab initiative.

#StartupLab is a Facebook application built by the Young Entrepreneur Council in a partnership with Citi, which you can access here. The organization also gives it away to organizations ranging from Junior Achievement to local high school enthusiast groups, so they can embed it on their own pages and distribute to their members. Through, users can access videos, free ebooks, and free lessons.

But perhaps the most exciting prospect is the live Q&As. Every Thursday, an entrepreneur gives up an hour of his time for a live chat. Participants have ranged from Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian to Foodspotting’s Soraya Darabi. You can either ask a question during the chat, or in advance (in exchange for tweeting about it in advance, that is). Read More