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Startup Rundown: 10gen Clears Up The Confusion and Refinery29 Clears Out The Competition

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Zoom in on PhotoShelter Interested in taking your prolific Instagram food photography talents to the next level? Check out PhotoShelter, the startup that lets photographers customize their own websites, market themselves online and sell their work—among other helpful tools—all in one place. Clicking through PhotoShelter’s site, we must admit these examples of online photography portfolios look pretty darn sexy. The company reported a profit only 18 months from launching, so they must be doing something right. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

There Is Already a Craigslist Missed Connection Post for a Citi Bike Rider

CitiBike hacked.

The much-ballyhooed Citi Bike sharing program launched yesterday and we already have our first romantic encounter!

A post on Craigslist’s men seeking men Missed Connections section described a scene ripe out of a terrible gay indie movie. The man in question said he spotted another dude looking somehow “adorable” with one of those gaudy blue bikes straddled between his legs. Sadly, the poster was late for a meeting in Hell’s Kitchen (of course) and couldn’t seal the deal before he sped away.

Either this is the least romantic thing that’s ever happened or the best native ad we’ve ever seen. Read More

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Thanks a Lot, Technology: Citi Bike Sharing Delays Blamed on Software Issues

CitiBike hacked.

Hey, remember that Citi-branded public bike-sharing program that was supposed to launch this month? Well, don’t hold your breath. The launch has been delayed until some point in the future. Why is that? We’re afraid the software just does not work.

Maybe Facebook really is sucking the city dry of its supply of engineers.

Capital New York reports that Hizzoner provided a little detail this morning: “The software doesn’t work yet, and we’re not gonna put it in until it does, period,” he said, adding:

“The one thing is, the company that does it had some software problems, changed one of their software vendors, and until they get it right, we’re just not gonna install it.”

Note that he offered no horizon for the program’s eventual advent, which sounds to us like good news for peer-to-peer bike-sharing startup Spinlister, which launched back in April.

Sharing is Caring

Indie Bike Sharing Service Spinlister Raises $225K with $220K More on the Way

Mr. Dennis (Spinlister)

Spinlister, the mom-and-pop peer-to-peer bike sharing program that launched in April, has closed a $225,000 round, according to cofounder Will Dennis.

We first spotted the fundraising on Form Ds, but Mr. Dennis said the $225,000 actually closed back in March. “The reason we wanted to fundraise is to make sure we had appropriate insurance and legal stuff in place, because we wanted to make sure everyone who was using our service would be protected,” Mr. Dennis told Betabeat by phone. “We’re also looking to hire an iPhone developer as well as another backend engineer.” Read More