Malware Mischief

Chrome Users Fooled Into Installing Fake and Malicious Bad Piggies Browser Game


Google Chrome users who think they’re downloading a browser version of the Angry Birds-related Bad Piggies game could be in for a nasty surprise–just ask the 80,000 or more users who recently installed malicious Bad Piggies fakes directly from Google’s Chrome Web Store. refers readers to the Barracuda Labs Internet Security Blog, which details conclusions researchers made once they started pulling apart the real payload accompanying the scammy games: Read More


App Knockoffs Thrive On Google’s Watch


Google’s “automatic approval” policy for the Chrome Web Store and Android App Market is great for growing the number of available apps. But the low barrier to entry also means developers can sneak in with apps that are malicious or buggy.

It also means developers can coast on someone else’s good name. Read More