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New Browser Tool Reveals Health Ratings of Your Fave Seamless Restaurants

Guess we're not ordering from A1 Sushi Cafe. (Screengrab: Chrome Web Store)

It can be jarring coming face-to-face with a restaurant you’ve only ever known through Seamless, especially if you discover the place is actually a total dump.

Now, you can rest assured your innocent-looking sushi isn’t coming from a cockroach-infested cesspool, thanks to Seamless NYC Health Ratings, a new Chrome extension that reveals the health ratings of Seamless’ restaurant listings. The extension pulls the health inspection data from NYC Open Data, and then displays the ratings on Seamless to the right of each restaurant’s name. Read More

SOPA Opera

No SOPA for You: This Chrome Extension Shows You Who Is Pro-SOPA as You Browse


So you can immediately click that X on the internet-destroying SOPA-mongers. Minneapolis developers Andy Baird and Tony Webster have released a Chrome extension that displays a banner at the top of a site letting you know if the company behind the domain supports the Stop Online Piracy Act. The developers “used the sources we could find;” the extension still says GoDaddy is a SOPA supporter, even though the registrar and hosting company rescinded its support for the bill (although it’s still implicated for consulting).  Read More