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Hacked Apple Device IDs Actually Came From App Developer, not FBI

Hacking can indeed hurt some butt. (Screengrab)

NBC News is reporting the millions of Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDID) hackers say they snatched from an FBI agent’s laptop actually came from Blue Toad Publishing, a Florida-based app developer. NBC reports that Blue Toad “provides private-label digital edition and app-building services to 6,000 different publishers, and serves 100 million page views each month.”

A researcher named David Schuetz contacted Blue Toad last week with the suggestion the data actually came from them, and the company’s engineers conducted a forensic analysis: Read More

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FBI Calls Bullshit on Antisec’s Hacked Apple IDs Claim

U mad?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a statement regarding Antisec’s claim of having hacked over 12 million unique Apple user IDs from an agent’s laptop: the feds say that’s bullshit.

AllThingsD reports the FBI states that it is “aware of published reports alleging” Agent Christopher Stangl’s laptop was breached “and private data regarding Apple UDIDs was exposed.”

The FBI begs to differ: Read More

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Was Obama’s iPad User ID Among the 1 Million Leaked by Antisec?


Via Cult of Mac, we’ve learned that President Barack Obama’s iPad UDID (special set of characters unique to each Apple product user) may be among the million UDIDs posted online by Antisec on September 3rd. Cult of Mac refers readers to PasteHTML and a database search result there that appears to support the claim. The device in question is an iPad and is named “hobamain.” Read More

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Anonymous-Associated Antisec Hackers Claim Theft of 1 Million Apple Device IDs From FBI Agent’s Computer

Hacking can indeed hurt some butt. (Screengrab)

Hackers post their ideas of epic lulz on Pastebin all the time but it appears a late drop on Monday night by AntiSec, an Anonymous-affiliated group of hackers, could be pretty impressive if the claims prove true.

After the usual giddy preamble, Antisec explains in their Pastebin post how they snagged 12 million FBI-related Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs)–though at the moment they claim they’ve only posted 1 million: Read More