Oh You Fancy Huh?

Christian Louboutin Sells $1,700 Heels to Techies, But Doesn’t Understand What ‘Computer Code’ Looks Like

(Photo: Christian Louboutin)

We should have seen this coming after New York Fashion Week’s odd obsession with QR codes. First came the Yves Saint Laurent eyeshadow in Facebook blue (helps highlight that glassy, staring-at-screens look in your eyes!). At £39, at least that’s cheaper than Christian Louboutin’s attempt at geekiness. The high-end shoe designer is offering its popular Lady Peep stiletto in a tech-inspired pattern for the fall.

There’s just one problem, besides the $1,695 price tag. The company seems to have confused “computer code” with a circuit diagram of a computer chip, according to the sales pitch on its website: Read More