Fashion Plate

A Fashion Week Hackathon With All the Right Ratios?

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Silicon Alley is awfully fond of putting “proximity to other industries” in its plus column. As the line goes: We’re down the street from the top media, financial, and fashion companies in the world! Despite being neighbors, however, fashion and tech have had some trouble understanding each other–hence the growing number of fashion startups that have hung up their stilettos for good.

Into all that drama jumped Decoded Fashion with an exceedingly practical idea: a fashion hackathon where industry insiders tell techies what’s actually lacking in the market. In other words, rather than the umpteenth street style photo-sharing apps, how about the next Fashion GPS, a digital tracker for samples and look books used by designers like Lanvin, Dior and many, many more. Read More

Antisocial Media Thinks of the Poors, Lowers Yearly Membership Price, Adds Monthly Plan

Screengrab has generously created a $5 per month plan and lopped $14 off its yearly membership fee. That means people with $36 to spare on a Twitter lookalike can now snag their very own handle and bragging rights to spending $36. Or $60, if you opt for the $5 monthly plan.

As The Next Web notes, members who ponied up the original (and infamous) $50 yearly fee won’t receive a refund, just extra months on their current plan. Read More

Quantify Me

Status Chart, the Résumé Porn for Self-Quantifiers, Officially Beta-Launches Today

(Photo: Status Chart)

A few weeks ago, a piece of porn for self-quantifiers shot up to the top of Hacker News. It was created by NYC’s very own Chris Kennedy–a Betabeat poachable–and was intended to remix and remaster the traditional boring résumé layout. The Hacker News crowd went so crazy for Mr. Kennedy’s invention that he promised to launch a version for others to use as well.

Today, just two weeks after he publicized his own Status Chart, Mr. Kennedy and backend dev Richard Owens have opened up the platform to other engineers and designers. Read More

Quantify Me

Meet Status Chart, Porn for Self-Quantifiers

Mr. Kennedy

You may remember dev-of-all-trades Chris Kennedy from Betabeat’s spring most poachable players in tech list. Turns out that Mr. Kennedy’s skills are so manifold that he needed to develop an updated version of the tired old resume to better list them. The result is Status Chart, which has already hit the front page of Hacker News, gaining the esteem of productivity-obsessed programmers.

Status Chart is a clean, simple way to display all of the jobs, projects, hackathons and accolades that make you who you are. For avid self-quantifiers, it might get you a little hot under the Fuelband, so NSFW and all that. Read More

Modern Justice

Chasing an iPhone Through the Big City

The phone, post recovery.

Everyone pitches in when a lost iPhone is involved. Here’s a story of how two friends, a stranger, and a legion of police officers tracked down a rogue iPhone yesterday in New York City. A pair of friends who planned to meet for lunch ended up going on adventure instead, and they sent in this third-person account. Read More