The Singularity Isn't Here

Moore’s Law Is About to Collapse, Physicist Claims

Mr. Kaku. (

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku is calling it: Moore’s Law ain’t what it used to be. The principle, which holds computing power doubles roughly every 18 months, is reaching its limits. In fact, in this recent Big Think video, he gives it about a decade. Nor does he hedge: “In about ten years or so, we will see the collapse of Moore’s Law.  In fact, already, already we see a slowing down of Moore’s Law,” he says. Read More


X-Ray Specs: Soon, Your Smartphone Could Let You See Through Walls


If you’re being generous, one could say your smartphone already grants some version of comic book superpowers. The mobile browser lets your feign omniscience at will; email-in-your-pocket lets you be everywhere at once. Scientists at the University of Texas at would like the add X-ray vision to that list.

As the British tech site The Inquirer reports, electrical engineering professor Dr. Kenneth O and his team developed an imager chip that could let your smartphone see through walls . . . and wood and plastics and paper and more. Read More