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Study Reveals 88% of Sexual Photos and Videos Uploaded by Teens are Reposted to ‘Parasite’ Porn Sites

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A study conducted by an internet safety non-profit called the Internet Watch Foundation has revealed that the vast majority of sexualized multimedia uploaded by teens to places like Facebook is lifted and hosted on outside porn sites. Most of the content was never meant to leave social networks, but 88 percent of the images studied by the IWF were later found on porn sites. Read More

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Snooty British Kids Don’t Care That Tim Berners-Lee Invented the World Wide Web

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Given that coding lessons are the new Baby Mozart, we are in no way surprised at the existence of Code Club, the latest educational initiative launched across the pond. We are, however, quite amused at this promotional video, in which a sassy panel of children considers the Internet’s biggest names for open advisory positions. Most do not meet their exacting standards.

YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley doesn’t impress them once they know he doesn’t actually make the videos; Tim Berners-Lee’s credentials are underwhelming. They get excited about Bebo, but only because it sounds like Bieber. Don’t worry, kids–you’re not missing much on that last one. Read More