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Sexy Search Engine BoodiGo Takes Steps to Prevent Spread of Child Pornography

You won't find child pornography here. (BoodiGo)

BoodiGo, the sexy search engine developed by ex-Googlers, was created so users could anonymously search the Internet for porn. But if there’s one thing the BoodiGo team doesn’t want you searching for, it’s child pornography.

The company announced a partnership last week with the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), an organization founded in 1996 that seeks to eliminate child pornography from the Internet. Under the partnership, the ASACP will provide BoodiGo with a variety of data — including common child porn search terms — that’ll help BoodiGo block the results of those harmful searches. Read More

Crime and Punishment

Sexting Teen Escapes Having Penis Photographed by Police, Gets One Year Probation

Mr. Sims. (Screengrab: NBC)

Last month, we brought you the disturbing story of that Virginia teen sexting case — you know, the one that somehow escalated to the point of police wanting to photograph a boy’s erect penis so they could convict him on child pornography charges.

Now, following a trial that lasted over two hours, 17-year-old Trey Sims has been put on one-year probation, NBC Washington reports. The judge deemed Mr. Sims neither guilty nor not-guilty. Read More


Last Night, a Child Pornography Video Spread Across Facebook

facebook from jail

Are you ready to burn the Internet to the ground, yet? If not, this ought to cinch it: Yesterday, a child pornography video started spreading like wildfire on Facebook. The Independent reported that it managed to garner 4,000 likes and 16,000 shares before engineers managed to scrub it completely from the site. Gawker puts the number even higher, at 32,000 shares and 5,000 likes.

Horrified users immediately began raising hell on Twitter: Read More