David vs. Googliath

Google Launches a Leaderboard for Check-Ins, But Foursquare Has Been Here Before

via Engadget

Google snuck in a bit of a bomb for Foursquare with the latest update to its Google Maps app for Android. Without so much as a blog post or promotional tweet, users started noticing that—Surprise!—version 6.3 would now offer an incentive to check-in to Latitude, GOOG’s “all but forgotten” attempt to hit the sweet spot of mobile/local/social. In fact, the incentives will be familiar to any of Foursquare’s 15 million users: You can now get points for checking-in.

Betabeat reached out to Foursquare cofounders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai to see if they were maybe experiencing a little deja-vu. After all, Facebook tried a similar lemme-just-muscle-my-way-in-here strategy with the now-defunct Facebook Places, which also let users check-in, back in 2010. Not to mention the fact that Google Latitude was the company’s succession plan after GOOG acquired Dodgeball from Mr. Crowley, only to let it atrophy. Read More

Web TV

As GetGlue Hits 1 Million Users, Is Checking In Becoming Part of TV Ritual?

get glue infographic

A lot of the stories on the future of “social” TV focus on the idea of a real-time conversation happening online, with viewers sharing thoughts and jokes while taking in their favorite shows. But New York startup GetGlue, which hit the million user mark today, is seeing something a little different.

“The last thing you want is some variant on an old AOL chatroom, with tens of thousands of people talking about a program at the same time,” says GetGlue COO Fraser Kelton. “What we’re seeing is a burst of activity at the start of each program. The way we interpret that is, checking in to GetGlue has become part of the ritual of settling in to watch TV.” Read More