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10,000 Sign Petition to Stop Chase Bank From Closing Porn Stars’ Accounts

Teagan Presley at an event last summer. (Photo via Getty)

Earlier this week, Perez Hilton, of all people, broke the story that Chase Bank appears to be closing the accounts of porn stars. And now, thanks to an online petition, 10,000 civilians have spoken out in support of the sex workers — although a source tells us the porn stars aren’t being targeted because of their professions.

Teagan Presley, Veronic Avluv and Layton Benton all tweeted about their issues with the bank, the New York Daily News reports. Teagan Presley’s husband, Joshua Lehman, says the bank told him his personal account was being closed “because my wife is an ‘infamous’ adult star.” Later, he said, the bank changed its story, asserting that the accounts were closed because the two had done business with a convicted felon. Read More