It's the End

Public at Large Apparently Losing Interest in Googling Computers

Sliding down the slippery slope. (via The Atlantic)

While poking about Google Trends, Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic stumbled across a particularly eye-catching chart. It’s the visual for Google’s Computers & Electronics Index, a.k.a. how often people search for computer-related terms like Windows, Mac, HP, Dell, and Sony. Let’s just say there’s a definite trajectory here, and it sure looks like it’s towards the dustbin of history: Read More


The Difference Between Things Clicked ‘Read Later’ and Things That Actually Are Read Later: LifeSlackers

1_saved_authors (1)

Yesterday, content-saving service Read It Later—which, like Instapaper, allows you to save the web pages you want to read eventually but don’t have time for quite right now—released a list of data about the most “Read It Later”-clicked authors on the entire whole big bad Internet, which goes hand-in-hand with their celebration of the surpassing of four million users.

But that wasn’t the only list they released.    Read More