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Deposit Cash at Bank of America and Get Bitcoin, Thanks to BitInstant and TrustCash

Bitcoin is the East, and BitInstant is the sun.

A partnership between Bitcoin startup BitInstant (Brooklyn-based) and Georgia-based payments processor TrustCash means users can use BitInstant to pay for their BTC in cash by making a deposit at any of five major banks including Bank of America, Chase and Citibank. The process is a bit more involved than depositing to your own bank account; you must print or download a deposit slip from TrustCash, which alerts BitInstant of balances on 30-minute intervals. BitInstant then credits the BTC to the customer’s account, minus the appropriate transaction fees. “It’s just like depositing money into a bank account, except in this case, it’s directly to your Bitcoin exchange/destination,” says a press release. Read More

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Brooklyn-Based Bitcoin Startup BitInstant Raises Seed Round

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Brooklyn-based BitInstant, a startup that provides temporary credit in order to make Bitcoin transactions faster, has raised an undisclosed sum of seed funding from an angel investor. “We sold 15 percent of our company to Roger Ver, CEO of MemoryDealers, which is probably the largest used computer parts site on the West Coast,” co-founder Charlie Shrem told Betabeat by Gchat.* “He bought in for an undisclosed sum and is now our director of marketing and Asian operations, as he’s based in Tokyo.”

The original plan was to have three or four investors, but Mr. Ver offered in full and wanted to be on the team, Mr. Shrem said. “An offer I could not refuse!” Read More