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Eric Schmidt Told Chuck Schumer That Google Gets More Productivity Per Worker In NYC Than Mountain View


Senator Chuck Schumer dropped an interesting factoid this morning at a breakfast co-hosted by The Association for a Better New York and the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association. Mr. Schumer was there to discuss recently authorized recovery funding for Hurricane Sandy, but offered some remarks on the state of New York’s tech industry.

During the Q&A period, Dawn Barber, cofounder of the New York Tech Meetup, asked Mr. Schumer what he thought of the role of the technology community would play in the city’s future. Read More


Booting Up: The Queen’s Tablet Edition

(Photo: Phone Arena)

Gmail has improved its search capabilities, making it possible to now search for emails by size or specific date parameters. This should make finding all those embarrassing emails you sent to your ex even easier. [Gmail Blog]

NY Senator Charles Schumer proposed an initiative yesterday that would create two new high school diplomas that focus on promoting high-tech industries. Gotta start ‘em young? [Press Connects]

The Queen of England prefers the Galaxy Note over the iPad for some unknown reason. [CNET]

Here’s something to alarm you before 9 a.m.: Mat Honan, the Wired writer who was famously hacked, on why passwords are basically useless in protecting your personal information. [Wired]

Americans are too prudish to get into the spirit of fancy butt-washing Japanese toilets. :( [Priceonomics]


Facebook Cofounder Chris Hughes Opts for Intimate Wedding, Blowout After-Party

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(Photo: Facebook)

Did all the Facebook cofounders promise to make honest women and men out of their partners, just as soon as the company went public? Because guess who graced the New York Times‘ Vows section today: Facebook cofounder and now New Republic publisher and editor-in-chief Chris Hughes and his partner Sean Eldridge.

The Times tells us that the pair were wedded yesterday, Read More

Privacy Police

Senator Schumer Greatly Alarmed by Google’s Ability to Spy on New York’s Sunbathers

"Uh uh, Google." (Photo: Blogger)

Sassy hand-gesturer and potentially technophobic New York Senator Charles Schumer has some serious concerns about the privacy of New Yorkers’ backyards. In a letter to Google and Apple published yesterday on his website, the Senator concern-trolled the tech companies over their 3D map technology, which uses fly-over cameras to construct the images.

“Barbequing or sunbathing in your backyard shouldn’t be a public event,” said Senator Schumer in a statement while presumably wearing a “Kiss the cook!” apron and brandishing a six-pack of hot dogs. “People should be free from the worry of some high-tech peeping Tom technology violating one’s privacy when in your own home.” Read More

Privacy Police

Sen. Charles Schumer Sics the F.T.C. on Apple and Android

Sen. Charles Schumer

Well-known foe of fun and fan of probes Senator Charles Schumer has asked the Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.) to examine claims Apple and Android can spy on your application data. The Senator’s request was made public Sunday. In it he referenced recent reports that certain smart phone and tablet applications can look at user photos and upload contacts to Apple and Google servers. Read More