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NYC EDC Presents Winners of Big Ideas, the Big Apps for Norms

O.K., let’s say you are a New Yorker and you want to use technology to improve the city. You heard the city has created over $5 million in software with just $50,000 in prizes through its Big Apps competition. But you don’t actually know much HTML, much less how to actually develop an app (we’re guilty of this too).

Not to fear fine citizens, the city has a contest for you. Big Ideas let New Yorkers submit their ideas for what mobile and desktop apps would most improve NYC. The winner took home $100 in cold cash.

“As expected, the Ideas Challenge has built upon the success of BigApps and demonstrated the tremendous amount of talent and innovative thinking that exists among developers and non-developers here in New York City,” said Seth W. Pinsky, President of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. “This competition has given a voice to New Yorkers with creative ideas on how to improve their city, but who don’t necessarily have the technical capabilities to create an app themselves. These winning ideas will now help shape the future of web, desktop or mobile apps, and, most importantly, will benefit the lives of New Yorkers across the five boroughs. I congratulate all the winners on this terrific achievement.”

And your winners are:  Read More