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The Average Venture-Backed Startup CEO Makes Approximately One Bajillion Dollars More Than You


Looks like CEOs of venture-backed startups–particularly those in the B2B arena–really know how to lean in. Nick Tomaino, an associate at North American Capital, published a post today exploring the average salaries for the executive teams at NAC’s portfolio companies. (It promptly hit the front page of Hacker News.) As it turns out, leaders at “expansion stage” venture-backed startups–or at least those backed by NAC–are sitting pretty atop a mile-high mountain of dough. Read More

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How to Throw a Legendary Holiday Party Without Pissing Off Your Investors

This man is a professional

Holiday season is here, and that means your startup needs to have a holiday party! I was just hanging with some Midwestern, non-techie friends of mine who work in “normal” jobs, and they were all going on about how they all skip their office holiday parties. They’re the cool kids after all, and, as they say “I spend enough time with those people at work. I don’t want to spend my personal life with them.”

But startups are crazy backwards land, and you basically live and breathe and poop and shower with your coworkers. So you’re going to holiday party with them too. This isn’t a recommendation from me, it’s a practical fact. I mean, really. You probably go out drinking with your coworkers two to three days a week already, at minimum. So it seems safe to say you’re going to have a holiday party with them, even if it’s just the five of you drunkenly realizing at 2 a.m. that oh hey, this could be your holiday party and woooooooo!

It’s actually kind of an interesting logic puzzle. If you and your startup cohorts go out practically every night together already, what makes a holiday party different than any other night of the year? Santa hats play a part. But really, the question should be turned on its head: “If we’re going to have a holiday party, what do we do to make it special?”

And so I am here to help you. I have thrown a fair number of holiday parties in my day. Some have reached the status of legend. Some failed miserably. The have ran from 10 to 1,000 people. Here’s what I’ve found that works. Read More