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Sprint Customers Will Soon Be Able to Use Their Cellphones At Underground Subway Stops

Soon. (Photo:

Soon, Sprint customers won’t have to look longingly at others who are completing calls underground.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the mobile company and Transit Wireless have finalized a contract to connect their customers at 36 subway stations in midtown and Chelsea by early 2014. The deal also encompasses Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers, since both use Sprint’s wireless network Read More


Overloaded Networks Disrupted Boston Cell Service

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Whenever something traumatic happens, cell service is almost immediately toast. Everyone reaches for their phone, and networks are overwhelmed.

Today’s events in Boston were no different: Carriers including Sprint and AT&T confirmed to the Boston Globe that customers were likely experiencing problems. Verizon recommended everyone keep all non-emergency communiques to text, to free up capacity, and WiFi worked, too.

But at first, there were questions whether cell phone service might have been shut off, rather than merely swamped. Read More

Call Me Maybe

Well, Here’s Why Your Cell Phone Barely Works

Manhattanites cluster around free Wifi. (Iam Lamb)

Late Monday night, you probably saw friends south of Flatiron fall off the grid and not resurface until answering your panicked text messages Tuesday morning from somewhere uptown.

That’s because, thanks to Sandy, cell service downtown is–not to put too fine a point on it–totally fucked. You might be getting patches of service, but it’s likely an exercise in massive frustration. Don’t hold your breath on it getting fixed right away, either, says the FCC. Read More

There's a Map for That

Interactive Map Shows in Which Parts of NYC AT&T Will Still Drop Your Calls

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AT&T is kind of notorious for having terrible reception, but they’re making a worthy attempt at redeeming themselves with a microsite published today. The interactive map illustrates where in the New York area the company has instituted upgrades on cell phone towers, broadband speeds and network connections. In Manhattan, the map says that AT&T has made 916 upgrades since January 2011; the company also spent $1.2 billion in wireless and wireline network upgrades in the NYC metro area throughout 2011. Read More