Foodie Frenzy

New Portable ‘Food Photobooth’ Will Take Brunch Photography To The Next Level

The #dinnercam in all its glory. (Screengrab: YouTube)

Ever since Instagram fell into the app store from the heavens above, diners been dutifully dedicating the first few moments after the arrival of their sushi and molten chocolate lava cakes to snapping photos and choosing the perfect filters.

But some amateur photographers won’t be forced to settle for the low-quality iPhone food porn any longer.

A South African internet provider called MWEB created the #dinnercam, a machine seeking to “take social media food shots to the next level,” Gothamist reported. Read More

Rude TBH

Restaurant Offers 50% Discount If You Turn Off Your Phone Like a Respectable Human Being

#NoNewApps. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

You’re out to dinner with your friends and itching to take out your iPhone, but you deny temptation in favor of being a respectable dining companion.

Then, your friend Ashley takes her phone out to Instagram her meal. Since her phone’s now in action, your other friend figures, “Hey, why not?” and whips out his iPhone too. The chain reaction continues until suddenly, you’re just five strangers, bathed in orbs of blue light, staring at screens while you completely ignore each other’s existence. Read More