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Owl City’s Frontman Might Be Behind Those Absurdly Catchy iOS 7 Ring Tones

New text! (Photo: Getty Images)

The new ring tones, alarm sounds and text alerts of iOS 7 are mostly pleasing in their bleepy-bloopiness, aside from a few missteps (we’re looking at you, piercing sonar alarm default).

If you heard them and thought they resembled syrupy, squeaky-clean pop music, you weren’t too far off. As it turns out, the man behind Owl City may also be the man behind iOS 7’s new noises. Read More

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First Round Capital Couldn’t Choose Between ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘Gangnam Style’ for Its Holiday Video

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 1.40.02 PM

We thought for sure First Round would go with “Gangnam Style,” Silicon Valley favorite. But apparently, the spray-and-pray strategy favored by investors also applies to parodying viral hits. Hence the cost of doing business with First Round also means aping Bieber protégés. Gotta say, that production quality doesn’t look very “run super lean eat the ramen,” as the founder getting his head bopped on by someone else’s crotch croons.

If you’re wondering why some people say, “the past five years or so of startup mania has been insufferable and obnoxious and annoying,” here is one example. Read More