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Carl Icahn Runs a Content Business, Not a Fund

Carl Icahn. (Getty)

Notorious fund manager Carl Icahn has declared war against tech’s Marc Andreessen over his role as a director on eBay’s board during the sale of Skype. This, in and of itself, isn’t that interesting. Value creators (executive management, venture capitalists) are always fending off incursion from value extractors (hedge funds, financiers). Read More


Booting Up: That UFO Might Be a Project Loon Prototype

Sure, okay.

Wall Street in the age of Twitter: Yesterday Carl Icahn tweeted about holding a position in Apple–and the stock promptly jumped. [Business Insider]

“Sitting in a conference room in Mountain View, California, he beams proudly as he runs a YouTube clip of one of the newscasts. The mysterious craft was his doing. Or, at least, the work of his Google team.” [Wired]

Looks liking Amazon is staffing up a hush-hush facility in New Jersey (wonder if any of the Real Housewives needs a gig?), which might mean grocery delivery is coming to New York City.  [AllThingsD]

Here’s an extremely aggravating story about one reporter’s exchange with Xbox Live support re: in-game harassment. [The Mary Sue]

Dave Eggers is writing a novel about someone who works at a big, creepy tech company. LOL? [Valleywag]