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Lady CEOs Take Over Internet Week

Ms. Barna (firstround.com)

The rain was really starting to come down hard, but the female CEOs at Internet Week appeared undaunted by the passing storm. Birchbox’s Hayley Barna, Learnvest’s Alexa von Tobel, Nest.io’s Caren Maio, Mashable’s Sharon Feder and Artspace’s Catherine Levene joined CNNMoney reporter Laurie Segall for a discussion about gender in tech.

The panel was entitled “Why Being a Good CEO Has Nothing to Do with Being a Woman,” but it was clear from the first question that the women on this panel were more concerned with talking about their businesses than how being a woman has hindered their growth in the tech sector. And who can blame them? After all, the panel was specifically about how gender had nothing to do with their success–though almost all of the questions revolved around their experience as women in a male-dominated world. Read More

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Betabeat’s Official Guide to the Must-See Events at Internet Week 2012


Unless you’ve gone off the grid, you probably already know that Internet Week 2012 launches on Monday. But with a dizzying number of events to attend, it’s hard to figure out which ones are worth the time, effort and subway fare. Betabeat guest blogger Gary Sharma, something of an events truffle hound, already penned his personal list of recommendations. But consider this Betabeat’s official to-do list: blogger tested, Betabeat approved. Read More

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Rumors & Acquisitions: Fake Twitter Edition


WHO FAKED A TISCH? Betabeat was considering “The Real Dave Tisch” as a headline for this week’s profile, among other puns and permutations (a friend of Mr. Tisch’s submitted “a Tisch named Wanda” via Mr. Tisch–makes no sense, looooooove it). So today we started wondering: who is @fakedavetisch, the occasionally-harsh but very funny parody Twitter account? We started poking around–but the secret is being held close to the vest. “Dave Tisch????” suggested one local VC. “Just joking.” We know it’s not the Tischster–he didn’t know who was behind the account himself until after the most recent demo day–but he did give us some clues. It’s three people: two employees of VC firms, one entrepreneur; two are female, one is male. One moved out to San Francisco. Hmm…

Phineas Barnes: The VC’s tweets are stylistically similar, and @fakedavetisch tweeted to his #todayskicks app. “But pretty sure Phineas doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,” one VC countered.

Caren Maio: We got a tip that the Nestio CEO and TechStar could be the brilliant mind behind the snark. “Haha no, I’m not…but please let me know when you find out! I’ve been trying to figure it out for months,” she told Betabeat in an email.

Phoebe Espiritu: The hackstar doth protest too much, wethinks… “Nooo keep @fakedavetisch‘s identity secret! It would be like unmasking Batman!” she tweeted. Sounds like something @fakedavetisch would say, we countered. “No! I wish! otherwise I’d give myself hugs and hoodies all the time!” she said.

Sarah Tavel: The Bessemer VC just moved out to S.F. One source said she’s too much of a straight shooter; another claimed she “wasn’t around for TechStars.” But we’re not so sure… Read More