Code or Be Coded

Business Dudes are Coming for Your Code

Mr. Fry (

Remember that whole kerfuffle earlier this week, when the Internet convinced itself that if they could just learn to code that they, too, could quickly become millionaires? Yeah, we penned a screed condemning that theory, but it appears it was not enough to stem the exodus of business dudes to coding professions. Our apologies.

Spencer Fry, cofounder of online portfolio site Carbonmade, wrote a blog post today explaining why he’s taking time off from being a “business guy” to learn to code. Mr. Fry put his computer science degree on hold in order to run TypeFrag, and ended up graduating with a psychology degree instead. This has apparently always haunted Mr. Fry. “Looking back at my decision to drop Computer Science for TypeFrag, I have no regrets,” he wrote. “However, not being able to contribute directly to the building of my products often left me feeling empty.” Read More